Our Leather

Our leather comes from a few select pastures in Texas where only the highest quality hides, those free of flaws and defects, are chosen. The leather is then shipped to a tannery in Forth Worth, Texas where it undergoes a detailed and extensive process to be considered Bridle Leather. 


What is Bridle Leather?

Bridle Hide leather has been around for more than 200 years and is some of the highest quality produced leather. The elegant, hard-wearing leather has been produced by tanners and manufacturers for everything from horse saddles in the war efforts of the 1800's to high-end luxury goods.


How Does the Bridle Process work?

It is first dyed in drums in order to develop deep, consistent colors with waxes and tallows. After the dying process, the leather is then hot stuffed with pre-determined amounts of spew on the grain and flesh, giving it a smooth elegant fit and finish. Upon completion, the leather will be broken in and cut to specific sizes depending upon the customer's order.


What is the Difference between English Bridle Leather and USA Bridle Leather.

The true difference is in where the product comes from and how it's made. We only accept the highest quality hides from select ranches for our products. West Leather - made in the USA.